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AHS’ New Counselor, ASB Adviser

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IMG_3898 As the new school year begins, unfamiliar faces can be seen throughout the AHS campus. One new staff member includes the new counselor, Carol Lam-Jones, while ASB has a new adviser, Tuan Pham. Pham, who is a mathematics teacher as well, took over the position after former adviser Sally Yoo left.

Pham, inspired by his high school mathematics and history teachers, pursued his teaching career while juggling his favorite activities: playing basketball and watching movies. After his years at Cal State Los Angeles, Pham began his teaching career and has been maintaining it for ten years. This year, he decided to become the ASB adviser.


Lam-Jones became a part of AHS faculty in December 2014, with prior counseling experience from another school. She spent years at several universities studying as an English teacher before pursuing a career in counseling.

“High school is a very brief period in your life. We hope you learn as much as you can and enjoy your time here [by taking] advantage of all the opportunities and programs [that are offered]. We look to you all to make the world a better place,” Lam-Jones said.

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