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Smart Dorm Living

“I can’t wait to start decorating my room! Not only will I be recieving my education, but a nice place where I can rest.”
-Vanessa Lam

Room essentials/Storage
* Mini trash can
* Storage bins
* Desk lamp
* Fan
* Bulletin board and pushpins
* Dry-erase wall calendar/

What you don’t really
* Alarm clock – there is an app for that
* Furniture – there is no space
* Media storage – no need for CDs or DVDs; all media comes through one’s laptop.
* Pictures in frames – everything is basically seen online.
* Plants – guaranteed to die.
* Cleaning supplies – you won’t have time to clean.
* Printer – might be an enormous waste of money. Many schools have networked printers available to students and assignments are often turned in online.

Places you can visit
*Bed, Bath, and Beyond
*Best Buy
*Office Depot
Electronics you should bring
* Laptop and spare battery pack
* HDMI cord, ethernet cord for computer (check if your room has wireless)
* Extension cords

Information complied by BARRY CHEUNG & JADE LIEU

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