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Swim Hopes to ‘Dive’rge from Tied Record


The Alhambra Swim team prepares with their new coach, Stewart B.,
through continuous drills and sprints for their season.


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Swimming, like the other sports on campus is very competitive and requires a lot of mental and physical commitment. So far throughout the season, the varsity swim team has been practicing daily until 4:30 p.m at Granada Park. The Moors have entered the regular season with an even 2-2 preseason record, giving the team motivation for the rest of season.

Although the Moors finished in last place in Almont League last season, the swimmers are looking to improve this year with the addition of about 15 new athletes.

“Being a new swimmer is actually a great experience because I get to learn from [those] who have prior experience especially because they were also once beginners as well,” freshman Kevin Lin said.

The Moors recently had their first league meet against the Gabrielino Eagles, who typically do not, with the exception of swim, compete in the Almont League. Unfortunately, the team suffered a loss, which set their record back at 0-1. However, the team used this loss to continue practicing and to focus on their weaknesses shown during the meet.

“It is disappointing when [the team] loses, but it also let’s me know what I can improve on as individual in order to contribute to positive results for both the team and myself,” junior Vanessa Gutierrez said.

The Moors’ next meet will take place on April 9 against the Mark Keppel Aztecs at Barnes Park.

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