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Sister Team Represents Alhambra, Diving for Gold



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With all spring sports jumping into their new seasons, there is a sport that AHS has recently introduced into their list of sports teams: girls’ varsity dive.

The diving team is currently being represented by sophomore Briana Thai and freshman Megan Thai, under the leadership of Adrian Lopez. Although their team seems small, they are a very powerful duo. After competing in their first dive competition on March 21, they have already successfully scored high enough to qualify for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Preliminaries, which will be held on May 11.

“Qualifying for CIF feels really good. Having put all my time and effort into practices and this meet, I really believe that it was one of my best competitions,” Megan Thai said.

Last year competing under AHS, Briana went on to individually win CIF and move from a division four level to an even tougher division three level.

Practicing at Fullerton Community College’s pool, the team will continue to work on their board techniques and form in order to fully prepare themselves for CIF. They must be able to learn to jump in every direction with the occasional twist and flips They perfect these stunts by going to gym and practicing on the trampolines, dry boards and spring floor.

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