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“Ab”solutely Easy Workouts

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Thigh Trimmer (5-10 minutes)

1) Swinging doors x20 each leg: Swing leg out as high to one side as you can. Then return it to the center.The foot should be hovering the whole time.
2) Squat walk x30 total of walking from each side: Squat as low as you can and walk side-to-side.
3) Push backs x20 each leg: Push your knee into your chest then push back as high as you can.
4) Push holds x15 seconds each side: Hold each leg as high as you can as you flex each foot.
5) Thigh accordions x30: Move legs in and out like you are playing an accordion with you thighs.
6) Thigh wipers x30: Keep hips high and even, keeping your leg straight. Bring out and in.
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Toning Abs (5-10 minutes)

1) Single leg ab twist x20 each side: While sitting on the floor/mat, bring you right hand behind your neck and your left arm forward. Raise your left leg straight in front and lean back. Exhale and bring right your elbow to your left knee and swing your left arm back.
2) Oblique twisters x20: Bring your knee in front, bent with ankles crossed. Lift your elbows to chest height, hands clasped. Bring your right elbow down to the mat and move to the left.
3) Jackknife crunch x20 each side: Have both hands behind your head. Cross your left ankle over your right. Kick your left leg up while crunching up, lifting your shoulders off the mat.
4) Double leg lift x20: Keep legs straight in the air and lower to the floor.

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