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Varsity Boys’ Tennis Stroking Through Preseason Exhibitions


Jonathan Ngo (left)
David Loi (right)



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Over the past three years, two different head coaches have led the varsity boys’ tennis team. Veteran Head Coach for the girls’ team, Calvin Chow, has recently taken on the new position. Another change to the structure of the team is the addition of a set of captains, Jonathan Ngo and David Loi. Under the new leadership, the varsity boy’s tennis team is determined to succeed going into the regular Almont League season despite finishing the preseason with a losing record of 1-5.

“The team typically plays much more difficult teams compared to the other teams in our league [so] we used the preseason to establish parameters that we need to reach [in order] to do well during season,” Ngo said.

According to senior singles player Arie Quintanilla, the boys practice daily in order to improve on weaknesses as well as expand on strengths. A basic practice session includes warm-up volleying and serving drills before the players are broken up by Chow into sections as to provide individualized instruction. Stamina has been steadily improved through longer practice sessions in order to prevent fatigue during long matches. A byproduct of the practice sessions, however, also includes the newfound chemistry between the players. Though tennis is a singles and doubles game, a team wins a match through collectively gaining individual victories, making chemistry an integral aspect to the sport.

“As we practice together, our strengths and weaknesses are become known to each other so we can help one another improve,” Quintanilla said.

The Moors played their first regular season match on March 19 resulting in a loss. Team goals are to improve holistically and possibly send players to Almont League individual finals at the conclusion of the season.

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