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The Adult Issue Not Many Know About

Taxes are everywhere and many students aren’t aware of the impact of these everyday “adult” things. Schools teach their students about so many different subjects and increase their knowledge in subjects that the students will never again. While these subjects are very much important, this is an example that schools do not always prepare students for what is to come in the real world and things they will have to do on an everyday basis. For example income taxes returns when when a working citizen makes more than $6,200, the taxes that every working person has to file by April 15 of every year. These taxes goes towards government and public services for society to function p.

“I feel that [students] know the very basics of taxes, but not all they need to know about filing [taxes],” Business Education teacher Thomas Jelsma said.

There are classes at AHS such as Finance and Accounting that briefly cover the topic of taxes though not enough to have students be able to file their taxes according to certain restrictions on age and income. The classes go over the types of taxes in a business environment and not too much about personal income taxes.

“I feel like the only thing that has helped me prepare for any real world financial situations was taking Finance,” said senior Laura Salazar, “Finance should be a required class in high school so that we can all have a basic knowledge of what taxes are.”

Schools should look to push more classes that can help students understand this aspect of life that they will one day face themselves.

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