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Now that acceptance letters are coming, how do you feel? Why?



“I am happy as well as excited because I got into five out of the six schools I applied to and I am waiting for a response from the sixth one.” -Matthew Chan

“The anticipation of a college’s answer is thrilling but absolutely terrifying. Knowing that their answers are going to determine what my life outside of high school is going to be like takes a big part in that. It’s not as bad once you know the answer because then at least it helps you figure out what’s going to happen.” -Lulu Illingworth

“I’m really excited because it is going to be a new stage in my life and these decisions will open the door to new experiences.” -Jennifer Tran

“Personally, I feel anxious because I know that college won’t be easy, but I also feel eager to move on and meet new people.” -Alexander Rinard

“Frankly speaking, I’m scared, but every senior is. But along with that fear comes a sense of excitement because it’s like the flag that marks a new stage in our lives. Wherever we end up, we know that we have our whole lives ahead of us.” -Jonathan Ngo

“I feel a bit frightened and nervous, because what if no college accepts me, then what will I do? If no college accepts me, I feel like I would be letting down my family.” -Kevin Pla

“I feel really anxious because I’m still waiting to see how my future is going to turn out.” -Kristi Li

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