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Exploration of Architecture

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Among AHS’ shop classes is the architecture and drafting class. Students who take this class are generally interested in pursuing architecture in the future or simply enjoy the class.

“I like how architecture teaches us about the process of designing buildings and it’s cool because I’ve learned how to draw what’s inside these buildings, [such as] bathrooms and kitchens,” junior Erin Kim said.

The class is taught by Oscar Motta and is located in IT-5. There are four periods of architecture, during which students learn about many different architectural styles and drafting blueprints, amongst other areas of study.
“I think the class really helps if you want to major in architecture or anything that involves drawing and/or designing,” Kim said.

The class, alongside the clubs ASEA (American Society of Engineers and Architects) and Skills USA, competes in annual community college competitions. It was at one of these competitions that Motta was named Teacher of the Year two years ago. They have also achieved several first-place wins at these competitions as well; in particular, the class and the clubs specialize in toothpick building.

“I think I am a teenager at heart, [which is why] I love to teach what I love to do.” Motta said.

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