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Creativity of Wood

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There is something for everyone that makes us excited and creative. While some students might find joy in taking AP classes or drama, some might want to make things with their hands and learn how to manipulate wood to make projects. AHS currently offers two levels of woodshop classes: Woodshop 1/2 and Woodshop 3/4.

Woodshop 1/2 students are introduced to the world of making projects with wood. The different projects throughout the year vary from making boxes to more complex projects like making a stool. Students also learn about the safety measurements needed to be able to safely work in the class.

“Eventually I would like [my students] to be at the point where they can be at the level to make projects with their own creativity, “ woodshop teacher Carlos Sanchez said.

The more advanced class of Woodshop 3/4 includes more complex. During this class, students can work on their own projects.

“Woodshop is enjoyable because you do hand on activities,” senior Gary Kam said.

If students are looking for competition with the skills they learn in woodshop, there are district competitions where Mark Keppel, San Gabriel, and Alhambra High students compete in all levels of woodshop. There are many competitions at Skills USA but there is only one specifically for woodshop. This year two AHS students, sophomore Ben Lang and freshman Ray Pietrzik, have qualified for the state competition.

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