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Coach Bravo Leaves Varsity Boys’ Soccer Legacy Behind



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With a league record of 3-7, the varsity boys’ soccer team was a couple wins short in order to make the California Interscholastic Federation playoffs. The team tied for fourth place in league,
having two wins against the San Gabriel Matadors and one win against the Mark Keppel Aztecs.

“Despite having a really good preseason, our league re-
cord didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. I also feel pretty satisfied considering we had a pretty good record as opposed to previous years. The season was worth playing and I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” senior goalie Patrick Zydziak said.

While the temperature rises, the athletes put their cleats away as their season comes to an end. However, the juniors and younger members don’t stop playing as they continue practicing along with the girls during sixth period soccer theory.

With six graduating seniors on the team, the underclassmen will diligently practice to catch up to their peers. They will lose players who started as forwards and goalie.

However, the seniors are not the only ones who will be done playing for the Alhambra Moors. Coach Netza Bravo is planning to retire from coaching the varsity boys’ soccer team after an illustrious ten years. With six seniors and one head coach gone, the program will have to rebuild next year not only with players but also a head coach as well.

“I really enjoyed coaching here not only for the love of the game, but because of the students that I coached on and off the field. I hope that [the players] learned from me, [things] such as competing, sportsmanship, perseverance and not all about winning or losing,” Bravo said. “I’ll definitely miss coaching here. It’ll be awkward to not have my schedule affected by soccer, but I am undeniably thankful to [have coached] here for ten years. I’ve made bonds with players that I’ve connected with outside of the teacher and coach aspect.”

The Moors closed the season with an overall record of nine wins, nine losses, and four ties in their season. Despite the strong preseason record, the team was not able to receive the wildcard play to have a chance to make first round CIF. With sixth period soccer theory, the underclass-men continue to practice in preparation for the following season.

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