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Badminton Rallies Throughout Preseason



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After a year without much training, Head Coach Luis Brambilla will be leading the badminton team for the 2015 season. After winning three out of 21 matches in the previous season, the refreshed team is remaining optimistic throughout training to boost their chances for success.

According to sophomore singles player Sun Lu, the reduction of numbers from the team this year is due primarily to the previous year’s graduating seniors leaving. However, after a season of both wins and losses, the team has come back with more experience and looks to win more games. The team practices daily in the big gym when they focus primarily on serving and rallying.

“It’s very [refreshing] to come back and represent the Moors, but I’m most excited to improve my skills personally while contributing to the team’s progress,” Lu said. The team’s most recent match was on March 19 against the Mayield Cubs, which resulted in a win for the Moors, Meanwhile, the team will be participating in their match against the San Marino Titans at San Marino High School on April 1.

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