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An Out of This World Experience

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Growing up, many have seen science-fiction movies where humans are able to travel to other planets and settle there. In the near future, however, these fantasies might just turn into a reality. Mars One has a the goal to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Reasons for settlement on Mars include curiosity and scientific progress. The mission could jumpstart incredible developments in many different areas such as medical technology or solar energy.

“We can probably make probes and robots that can do whatever needs to be done. Sending humans will be costly and it is doubtful whether or not they could ever return to Earth,” Science Department Head Chair Daniel Hyke said.

According to the website of Mars One, settlement on Mars may also result in answers to many questions that scientists have had for years relating to Earth’s history and myths of extraterrestrial life.

“It’s honestly amazing what we are able to do today through technology. If we are able to actually settle on Mars, it will show that we are capable of greater things,” junior Jessie Weng said.

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