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99 Ranch Market to Replace Ralphs

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Alhambra City Manager Mary Swink announced on Feb. 23 that after years of business, the Ralphs on E. Main Street will be closing. According to Alhambra Source, Ralphs did not renew its lease because of unsuccessful
rent negotiations.

“It’s disappointing. I’ve been walking to Ralphs for many years to do my grocery shopping. I’ve had the chance to meet most of the employees and [develop] closeness with them and to hear that they will be leaving makes me sad,” Alhambra resident Denise Larios said.

A 99 Ranch Market will replace Ralphs once its lease expires on April 1. The 99 Ranch Market will most likely be in business by September or October 2015.
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“I understand that Ralphs has to go because the rent is too high but I’m just a little upset that all the nearest non-Asian markets will be gone now. I feel like replacing it with [the] 99 Ranch Market makes it inconvenient for the people who live in Alhambra to buy their groceries because [the] 99 Ranch Market […] doesn’t offer a lot of variety,” senior Michelle Leung said.

While some residents are adverse to the new replacement, some believe the change will be satisfactory.

“[It’s] more convenient to have [a] 99 Ranch Market because I can buy Asian products that are not readily available at Ralphs. Ralphs [is] also very expensive,” senior Grace Diep said.

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