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Taking a Shot at Donating

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American Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organization that provides disaster and emergency services. They offer disaster relief as well as health and safety training and education. Alhambra High’ own Red Cross organization also teaches their members basic first aid and disaster preparedness.

“Red Cross offers practical information for our members and community on how to recognize, treat and prevent injuries so that we are better prepared during emergency situations,” Red Cross president Stephanie Huynh said.

AHS’ Red Cross members are taught CPR, which is taught before people even officially become Red Cross members. They are also taught what to do in times of disaster emergencies, how to care and recognize first aid emergencies from burns to back injuries and other essential skills.

“We are taught what to do when someone is choking, how to treat someone who is wounded [and] how to properly wrap a band-aid around someone’s hand,” Red Cross member Dilagsayini Mylvaganam said.

American Red Cross provides care to those in need and their whole network is working toward prevent and relieving suffering all around the world. They aspire to turn compassion into action and are overall, making the world a better, healthier, and safer place.

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