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Sadie Hawkins: Are You Glowing?

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This year, the annual Sadie Hawkins dance will be held on Feb. 13. 2016 Junior Council has been raising funds for this year’s prom since 2012 and the Sadie Hawkins dance is one way they plan to gain financial support. Council members have prepared all aspects of the dance, including videos, theme, location and more.

The dance will be held in the underground parking lot to match the theme, “Light the Night.” The theme will include bright neon colors, paint and lots of black lights.

“The hardest part of creating Sadies for our council was coming up with the theme; the theme [had] to be simple enough that everyone can dress up, but special enough for everyone to have fun,” 2016 Council President Amy Than said.

Before the dance, many steps were taken to put everything together. The district office approved all contracts for the entertainment, including the DJ and photo booths. 2016 Council then created the theme and planned the decorations. Lastly, all Council members promoted strategically for maximum ticket sales. They have also been making posters every day, during lunch and after school for weeks in order to prompt students to support and have fun at Sadies.

“If you’ve been around school a good number of times, you’ve seen the mass-produced posters that we have made for promotional purposes. [It was] definitely a lot of labor, but nonetheless [the posters filled] the school with something [for students] to look at as they idle by and hopefully, something to be excited about,” Vice President Angelica Torres said.

One of the many attractions Sadies will have this year is the “splatter station.” Anyone who wants to be splattered with neon,glow-in-the-dark is welcome to go to the splatter station. The dance floor will be surrounded by black lights, which will illuminate the paint on any white or neon clothing.

“This is my first year in high school and I am super excited to go to this year’s Sadies; the splatter station looks super cool because it’s interactive. I’m looking forward to going!” freshman Eliana Wuchen said.

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