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MOOR VS. MOOR: Is Obama’s Free Community College Plan Beneficial?

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On Jan. 9, President Obama outlined a proposal, known as America’s College Promise, to offer tuition-free classes for two years for students who attend community college. The plan will be highly beneficial because it will give America the economic boost it needs.

The new plan will contribute to a much larger skilled workforce, which is crucial for economic growth. According to the Huffington Post, a recent analysis found that a small increase in people with a bachelor’s degree and associates degrees will result in 174,00 new jobs, $20 billion in additional economic input and $1.2 billion toward additional state and local tax revenues.

The plan will also open the opportunity for many individuals who come from low-income households to attend college, resulting in higher graduation rates. According to the New York Post, a main reason why some students do not graduate is because of financial issues.

America will greatly benefit from the free two-year community college plan. It will not only help the economy but it will also help low-income families allowing them to earn more money. Free education is something that is valuable and advantageous.

Staff Writer

While having two free years of community college could be beneficial to various individuals, the U.S. would benefit more if the focus was put on lowering university and college prices instead.

Free community colleges would be able to provide opportunities for low-income students, but the benefits of attending a four-year college or university differ from the benefits of attending a community college. While learning at a community college is cheaper, community college graduates potentially face more difficulty in the nation’s competitive job market.

Moreover, community colleges’ already long wait lists may stretch even longer if this program is implemented. Other problems could include campus overcrowding, long waiting lists, large classes and fewer class choices.

In addition, Obama’s plan is a pricey proposal. According to Cable News Network (CNN), a budget of $60 billion will be needed over the course of ten years. The money would be more useful if it was used to lower the costs of various universities and four-year colleges instead. This could benefit students’ futures more since larger universities will offer higher education and easier job searching.


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