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MOOR VS. MOOR: Coach suspension justified?

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The record-setting win of 161-2 for the Arroyo Valley Girls’ basketball team against Bloomington High School led to the suspension of Arroyo Valley’s head coach, Michael Anderson. The performance by the girls was deemed poor sportsmanship and questioned Anderson’s coaching in terms of morals.

With a strong mentality to win, athletes can be quite selfish and may not think about how the opponents may feel. However, showing some mercy would make the athletes more mature and modest about their wins. As a result of the game, the Bloomington girls’ spirits were crushed and Anderson’s suspension was the practical decision to teach Arroyo Valley a lesson in maturity. The right direction would be showing courtesy during a friendly competition while still winning.

Despite Anderson being suspended, the girls have managed to win their most recent two games and have not acted out in response to not having their coach. However, the suspension was necessary to show that the win was an act of poor sportsmanship and possibly broke some spirits out on the court.


Staff Writer

On Jan. 5, Arroyo Valley High School’s basketball team scored a total of 161 points against Bloomington High School’s two points. As a result, Michael Anderson, Arroyo Valley coach, was suspended from coaching for two weeks for poor sportsmanship.

The girls do not deserve to have their coach suspended for playing at their best. They worked hard during the season and their winning streak has proven that. Suspending the coach had no effect on how well the team had played because even without the coach’s assistance, the girls won the next game 80-19.
All athletes should be mature enough to face losses. The girls should not be suffering for playing at their best. Athletes should be able to perform at their full potential; after all, what’s the point of hard work when it doesn’t pay off?

This win not only helped Arroyo’s confidence level, but it also prepared the Bloomington girls for life ahead of them. Life may come easy at times, but at others, one has to work hard until satisfied with the outcome.

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