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Era of Lifesaving Aid

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Accidents happen all around, even when we do not notice them. Some are as small as a paper cut but some can be more severe like someone drowning. These circumstances require a knowledge on first aid. First aid is a field that when first comes to mind it is a band aid or a packet of ice, but it is wide field that can be from someone calling an ambulance to someone rescuing someone from a burning building. First aid is a vital process when someone becomes injured. The actions of others can help bring aid to the injured and helps save lives. Throughout the centuries methods of first aid have become more efficient as more research has been done.

One type of first aid, is CPR. The idea of CPR came about in 1740 when the Paris Academy of Sciences, thought of using mouth to mouth resurrection to save drowning victims. Dr.James Elm and Dr. Peter Safar were pioneers to help develop the method to its modern day use. As time went by and more doctors and scientists started backing the method of CPR. It became an option to people that were unresponsive and more people started learning about this first aid.

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