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Benefits of Enthusiastic Audiences

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Although some athletes are not comfortable with an enthusiastic crowd, many are, believing that the crowd is cheering them to victory. The crowd’s primary goal is to drive athletes to perform to their full potential.

In sports like track and field or basketball, the crowd usually cheers throughout the match. The constant energy from the audience keeps the athlete motivated. However, in sports like diving and gymnastics, the crowd generally cheers for the athlete only before and after their performance. The adrenaline rush the athlete gets as the crowd is chanting their name impacts their presentation.

Although the two forms of encouragement are different, the cheers from the spectators not only benefit the athletes out on the field, but they also unite all the people who have come for the same reason: to support the athlete they came for.

Nonetheless, the excitement of the audience is beneficial for an athlete’s presentation. The support of the crowd not only benefits the athletes, but benefits the community as well, bringing them together as a whole, rather than just individuals who enjoy watching the same sport.

Little acts of encouragement, such as attending a school volleyball game or congratulating an athlete on a win can help the athlete’s self-esteem and improve their future performances. Little do they know, fans play a huge role  to the sports world around them.

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