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Wrestling Pins Their Way Down to League Finals

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With the 2015 Almont League Wrestling Finals approaching, the JV wrestling team is leaning toward ending their season on a positive note. As of Jan. 14, the Moors hold a (3-1) record which gives them a first place ranking amongst the six teams in the Almont League.

“The [key to our success] is the growing brotherhood that we all have,” sophomore Chris Aldana said, “Even though some guys [are stronger] than others in different areas, we all help one another so we can all improve [together] and not leave anyone behind.”

According to Head Coach Michael Williams, this team is much smaller than other schools’, consisting of only 17 wrestlers, but this tight group has made the team more united and has made it easier for each player to keep focused on their individual strengths and weaknesses. However, Williams and captain Eric Gonzalez both agree that having a small group gives the team a disadvantage, but Williams teaches them to stay strong mentally along with physical training. “[Wrestling] is all mental,” Williams said, “but technique and quickness beats strength [and quantity] every time.”

The Moors are remaining positive as there are only a few matches left until the regular season comes to an end. After school, the team practices daily in the wrestling room starting with stretching, drills and improving on weaknesses from previous matches. The next match for the team will be on Jan. 28 against the San Gabriel Matadors followed by the 2015 Almont League wrestling Finals on Jan. 31 at Bell Gardens High School.

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