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The Right to Speak

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The First Amendment is the foundation of the United States Constitution; it ensures the people of the U.S. their natural rights. However, some of these freedoms have their limits, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. The extent of these limits has been questioned multiple times. One of these limits is slander. In addition, the recent Charlie Hebdo shooting may have brought up more limits.

According to Troy Media, “Outraged Westerners see this kind of censorships a gross violation of established ‘rights’ because, in the liberal West, freedom of speech is prized, often guaranteed in the national constitution.” Unfortunately, the First Amendment cannot be exercised in a way where it will offend another’s beliefs and start a hate crime. Publishing or speaking out against others is one of the wrongs when using the freedoms due to the damages that can be caused by them.

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