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Moor Friends Gather for More Friends

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On Dec. 17, Moor Friends and Speech and Debate members helped decorate the cafeteria in a Candyland theme for a Winter Formal held exclusively for Moor Friends and AHS administrators.

“Some of the students in Moor Friends are unable to attend our school dances throughout the year. We thought it would be a great idea to have our own small dance where everyone in the club could attend,” club advisor Melissa Martinez said.

Moor Friends, a relatively new club to AHS, promotes an environment in which all students can feel included on campus.

“Moor Friends’ purpose is to provide a positive environment and for members to become inspirational leaders, make one-to-one friendships, work on team building and help bring awareness and understanding [to] differences on our campus,” President Danielle Medina said.

In order for members to attend the dance with no cost and to pay for food, drinks, a candy bar, a DJ and a photobooth, Moor Friends held multiple fundraisers that included bake sales and selling food at the Food Fair. Decorations for the dance were made during Moor Friends’ weekly meeting. The dance was promoted during meetings and on the club’s private Instagram page.

“[The members’] dedication and hard work has created an environment that is conducive for learning and is filled with positive social interactions that benefit all students,” Martinez said.

According to Moor Friends members, the dance’s turnout was quite successful.

“I thought the event turned out [amazingly]. Everyone seemed to have an amazing time and being able to experience [it] and say that I was a part of it lets me know that I’ve done something with my senior year that I will never forget,” Vice President Melody Hwang said.

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