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The College Care Plan

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Alhambra High school ranks higher than Mark Keppel and San Gabriel High School in terms of college readiness, according to U.S. News Education. AHS has a number of resources available to help students prepare for college which contribute to that score.

In the classroom, some senior English teachers teach their students about the enrollment process, how to write a personal statement, and help with creating their application.

After-school tutoring is available to students from various teachers. Beyond teachers, the Academy of Future Educators (AFE) and AP Ambassadors both take in students seeking help on their work.

AP courses are available for numerous subjects with common choices such as Physics, American Government and Calculus. Exams for all of these subjects are held on campus.

AHS also offers a variety of extracurricular, special-interest activities, and service clubs help to diversify a student’s portfolio. Speech and Debate, as well as Academic Decathalon are recognized as being favorable extracurricular activities to write down on transcripts for college, and both are offered by Alhambra High. There is also a MOORS College Prep class, otherwise known as Horizons.

“Horizons helps students by encouraging them to develop the habits of academically successful students. We focus on study skills, organization and time management while expecting them to take a rigorous curriculum and participate in extracurricular activities by setting high expectations and supporting their efforts,” Horizons teacher Dorothy Burkhart said.

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