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No ‘Ho’lding back: Opening the Golden Door for Dual Citizens


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The United States is said to be a land where people of all nationalities are welcomed. Yet, the U.S. Oath of Allegiance taken at naturalization ceremonies requires the renunciation of allegiances to any other country. In an era where the world has become increasingly interconnected, the idea that one can only belong to a single nation merits evaluation.

While U.S. citizenship is important, immigrants should not be mandated to sacrifice their identification with their country of origin to be accepted as an American. Instead, dual citizenship should be allowed as an alternative. According to CNN, many people seek dual citizenship because both nations are important to their identity; subscribing to only one country could feel like a betrayal of the other.

Admittedly, dual citizens may face complications regarding the potentially conflicting laws and responsibilities for the two nations. However, issues can be resolved, and ultimately the U.S. should not be diametrically opposed to dual citizenship.

A U.S. resident is not an inherently worse citizen just because they are also loyal to another nation. Our country would be more accommodating to those who flock to it if it realized that citizenship need not always be exclusive.

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