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Generation Tech: Wars We Don’t See

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We are Generation Z, the guinea pigs of technology, living in the “exposure” prone age; we have all of these advancements in the palm of our hands. While teens can use technology in positive ways, technology can also bring them to the front lines of war. Currently, the U.S. is in the middle of a political conflict with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS has become more widely known by publishing various videos of their members decapitating captured individuals, specifically journalists. Not only are we faced with this threat of war, but we are also faced with the question of how much children should be exposed to these events.


MOOR cartoon by CARMEN LE

Exposure is something that cannot be evaded, but it is something that we can try to limit as a society. News outlets have the capability to “censor” this type of content. Everything is being disseminated online; for example, Google gives results of everything, possibly including subject matter involving war or gruesome activities that hit the mainstream of the Internet. In the same way there is the availability of SafeSearch, online companies should make a similar option for war-like content. This would allow anyone to turn off this news from their feed, helping parents narrow down what their children can see on their electronics. By setting up certain settings on their child’s phone, parents should feel confident that the device is safe.

Children are only children once, and they should enjoy lives of pure joy and happiness while they can. It cannot always be that way, but if this can be achieved by preventing premature exposure, why would we not choose to have this option? War is for grown-ups. It is why we allow 18 year olds to join the military and not children.
Technology is allowing us access to information in the palm of our hands, but certain worldly conflicts may not be appropriate for adolescents.

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