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Food Fair Returns Preceding Long Weekend

Food Fair 6

In the first Food Fair of the year,
AHS students gathered at the Quad
to sell food in order to fundraise for their respective clubs.


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On Nov. 6, the Quad, at first empty, quickly filled up as the final bell rang and students trickled in. It was the first Food Fair of the school year, as well as the second time it has taken place, following its short ban in 2012.

Food fairs used to take place during lunch. However, it was canceled early 2012 by the Alhambra Unified School District, with concerns about nutrition, food preparation and handling as well contractual agreements with the cafeteria. By law, consumable items have specific nutritional guidelines regarding fat and caloric intake for student’s weekly intake and the foods sold in previous food fairs exceeded the permissible levels, compared to cafeteria food, which followed USDA regulation.

The event returned last year, taking place after school on Sept. 17, where it would not conflict with cafeteria food. However, this year, professional development not only provided an opportunity for the food fair, but also for food trucks to come on Nov. 7 as well.

“This food fair we saw a particularly large increase from last year, as last year [we] only had around 12-15 [clubs.] This year, we had about 28 clubs participating,” Director of Clubs David Huang said.

Clubs participated in a raffle to determine what they were selling, with ASB’s approval. 24 booths were present at the food fair. The fair displayed an array of foods and drinks from the participating clubs, from small snacks like brownies and cupcakes to heartier dishes such as Vietnamese sandwiches and fettuccine alfredo.

Many students expressed their interest, evident from the long lines at most of the booths available.

“There’s a lot more clubs here this year, more of a variety to choose from this year,” junior Pauline On said.

However, others were dissatisfied with some aspects of the food fair.

“The lines seem pretty long for obtaining the tickets. It was a hassle to get tickets but I understand why [ASB] have to take the necessary precautions,” senior Macy Chung said.

With moderate success, ASB looks forward to hosting at least one more food fair this school year.

“Since this our first food fair, we wanted to see how well we would do, and find out what we could improve for next time,” Assistant Director of Clubs Agatha Angelica Liem said.

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