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Education through CCR

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In today’s society, students are expected to be fully prepared for college and career life right out from high school. For students to be ready, they have to study hard and have an extensive curriculum. In addition to having a strong work ethic, students should also participate in extracurricular to maintain a well-rounded education. A strong education is essential in succeeding in college and the chosen career, but it is only a portion of what needs to be done to ensure success. Nonetheless, all of this can be achieved with the College and Career Readiness Program (CCRP).

According to Achieve, P-20, an education system that starts at pre-school to higher education, has a plan to attain success in higher education and link the gap between college and career readiness through CCRP.

A main concern that CCRP addresses is the insufficiency a traditional high school education provides in preparing students for college or training needed to achieve career goals, according to the National School Center. To solve that concern, our nation has adopted Common Core State Standards for both English Language Arts and Mathematics, where high school students go through four years of rigorous English and challenging Math classes.

Although there are concerns regarding the students’ education, CCRP is working to strengthen students to be ready for higher education and further career goals.

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