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Guidance counselors and teachers across campus work hard in order to ensure students stay on track for graduation as well as fulfill A-G requirements. At the beginning of the school year, counselors present to freshmen what these requirements are. Later, when students receive their transcripts in the spring of junior year, they will be able to see highlighted classes that need to be recovered.

Counselor Mayela Del Rio recommends attending a summer school or an adult school that is Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)-accredited in order to make up Ds or Fs. The district does not provide A-G recovery programs, only credit recovery programs to help a student graduate. Del Rio also suggested making up classes over the summer since doing so is difficult during the school year. If students want to improve their grades, they can attend various tutoring programs at AHS, such as Moor Math tutoring, SEI for English language learners and tutoring at lunch or after school from teachers in the science department.

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