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Concerns for UC Acceptance Could Decrease This Year

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According to Los Angeles Times, starting in 2009, the University of California system (UC) has been increasing their out-of-state applicants’ acceptance rates. The decision to accept more out-of-state applicants was due to insufficient capital for education.

“Knowing that the acceptance rates of California residents has been decreasing scares me because this means I have a lower chance of going to a UC, and will [possibly] have to go out of state which is more [expensive],” junior Amy Than said.

To further discuss the financial issues of UCs and the acceptance of both in and out-of-state applicants, a confirmation hearing among UC regents was held on Aug. 22. California senator Jean Fuller expressed her concerns of UCs needing to focus on their goal: to educate the students of California. She also expressed that to boost revenue, UCs can easily appeal to other regions of California that are not generally targeted, such as those of the Central Valley.

According to The New York Times, California senator Michael J. Rubio made a suggestion that UCs should limit the amount of out-of-state students enrolled. The law would prevent all 10 UC universities from enrolling more than 10 percent of out-of-state students.

“I think it’s better that there is a limit set on the percentage of out-of-state students because after all, UCs should appeal to their residents more than [non-residents],” senior Raymond Chau said.

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