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ANHAYTE’S ANTICS: The Frosh/Soph Team is Where You Want to Be

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Coming into high school, many athletes are eager to become one of the best players in their chosen sports program to work hard in order to become talented enough to play on the varsity team. However, for athletes who have never experienced matches at a varsity level, I believe that the frosoph team is the best program for incoming freshman athletes, to help them grow and gain some experience before moving up to a more difficult level.

Sometimes, starting from the bottom is the best way to begin your career in high school sports. You learn to become a leader in your own age group and it gives more young athletes the opportunity to learn from watching and helping each other because everyone wants to improve. Entering the frosh/soph team gives the students the proper time needed for them to mature and develop as athletes, as well as mentally prepares them for the challenge of playing on the varsity team.

Besides the skills and techniques, the frosh/soph team is also important because it encourages more students to try out for sports by giving students a greater opportunity to make the team. With a greater number of athletes, it gives them a chance to show their talent and eventually move up a level. It is better to move up slowly and learn, so by the time you reach varsity you are the one the players look up to and follow rather than being on the varsity team and being placed on the sideline, sat on the bench or hardly used due to their lack of experience.

There are many people, including myself, who have started off with the frosh/soph team and it helps them set the goal to one day play on the varsity team. To reach the goal, athletes train harder and focus. Although the frosh/soph team may not always be the most popular team, it is the the team that will help the younger athletes become the best they can be.

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