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Fall Play 2014: The Thespians Did It!

Photo courtesy of DERICK QUACH
Photo courtesy of DERICK QUACH

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Every year, the fall play is a much-anticipated tradition at AHS. This year, our Thespian Honors Society shook things up with their rendition of Tim Kelly’s murder mystery “The Butler Did It.” On Nov. 20 and 21, our fellow Moors performed with an impeccable display of talent.

While perfectly combining elements of mystery and comedy, it is evident that the cast’s hard work and extensive preparation has paid off. The play’s cast of ten actors and actresses did a wonderful job of keeping the audience suspenseful, but still comically intrigued.

The play focuses on seven notable mystery writers, all of whom are invited by renowned hostess Miss Maple to have a fun weekend on Turkey Island. Intrigued by the promises of financial profit and a delightful party, the writers join Miss Maple and her two maids. However, their stay quickly takes a dark turn when one of the guests mysteriously dies. The group then realizes they are all threatened by a mystery murderer. Driven by fear and mystery, the group’s crazy journey to find out the truth is the center of the play. As the protagonists discovered more information throughout the play, unexpected plot twists and revelations kept the audience on their toes until the very end.

Led by Thespians advisor and drama teacher Jennifer Nitschke, the Troupe prepared for the play for the past two months. Alongside Nitschke, senior Tierney Lare assisted in directing the cast.

A very memorable aspect of the play was the characters’ witty and unique personalities. What stood out most were the Thespians’ portrayal of each of the characters. Senior Aly Santana, for example, had a strong stage presence and truly captured the vibrant persona of Miss Maple. Playing Miss Maple’s maid and secretary, senior Barbara Cobos and freshman Jamie Risch delivered strong performances as two of the most dynamic characters. Senior Brianna Sandoval’s performance as Fanny Featherblossom made the audience laugh with her whimsical sense of humor, while junior William Martinez’s depiction of Chandler Marlowe was very charismatic. Overall, with such diverse and charming characters, the Thespians successfully portrayed each one with lively and exceptional vigor.

In addition, the play’s strong visual appeal strengthened their overall performance. The Thespians’ costumes exhibited each individual character and powerfully correlated to the play’s general effect.

Those behind the scenes also made a lasting impression. The play’s well-decorated and detailed setting of Ravenswood Manor captured the audience’s attention the minute the curtains had opened. The Technical Crew truly showcased flexibility and professionalism with their lighting, clear audio as well as realistic sound and visual effects. The Thespian’s Technical Crew produced a dramatic and ominous atmosphere that intensified the thrilling performance.

The Thespians’ passion for their art was clearly apparent in the cast’s dedicated performances. Whether they were acting, directing, costume designing or managing the play’s lights and sound, each Moor’s role was epitomized in the phenomenal production. Every year, it seems that our Moors go bigger and better for the fall play and “The Butler Did It” was no exception.

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