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The New Covergirl: A Victim of Domestic Abuse

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The key to the success is respect to your peers, your boss, your family and everyone else. From time to time, we hear about scandals of abuse, but recently there have been more and more incidents coming to light with National Football League (NFL) athletes. To fans, these situations have become a center of anger. Fans are outraged over the fact that domestic abuse is not being taken as seriously as it should by the league and the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.

The outrage reached its climax when a retouched picture of a Covergirl model with makeup from the NFL Covergirl brand was published, showing her with a bruise on the left side of her face as a response to the Ray Rice scandal. As domestic abuse cases have been becoming more and more public, it is very refreshing to see how this image reflects how poorly the cases are being handled and the inefficiency of the people in power in the NFL.

The image has also sparked many protests online, with hashtags #GoodellMustGo and #BoycotttheNFL. As fans, they do not respect the league’s methods of dealing with the cases of domestic abuse that their players have committed. It seems as if all that matters to the NFL is athletes’ ability to help the league produce the maximum amount of profit, despite their players’ potential past or present histories of domestic abuse. It is disgraceful for a huge corporation like the NFL to tell these victims of abuse that the NFL’s profit trumps victims’ pain. These men are role models to the younger generations and by giving these athletes disproportionately light punishments, the NFL is not addressing the bigger picture: that domestic abuse is a crime that should send these men to prison.

Whether the abuse exists in a steady relationship or not does not matter, but it still needs to be addressed. These problems might not always be scandals across the country, but regardless of how famous or how much influence an aggressor might have, those people should be held accountable. The retouched picture for any type of abuse sends a message to the NFL that fans are not oblivious towards the problem of domestic abuse. This picture is a stepping stone to awareness that domestic abuse is a crime and is an act that should not be tolerated.

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