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Red ‘Cross’ed Fingers to Meet New Blood Drive Goals

Blood Drive

On Thursday Oct.16, Red Cross hosts its first blood drive of the year
at the small gym, where AHS students are given the opportunity to donate blood.


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After providing first aid services at the Alhambra 5k Pumpkin Run earlier in the month, AHS’s Red Cross (RC) once again showcased their spirit of helping save lives. On Oct. 16, the small gym was requisitioned by the club to hold their first blood drive in the school year.

“This is the second official year that [AHS] Red Cross took the lead of hosting the blood drive,” Red Cross Adviser Debora Blais said. “Our goal this year is to collect 200 pints of blood donations through this blood drive and the other one that will take place next semester.”

Learning from previous experiences, RC developed their own schedule when coordinating the blood drive. Advertisements went out in mid-September and sign-ups lasted a month. Donors who had signed up were assigned respective periods to take part in the donating process and were also given raffle tickets for a chance at a prize of movie tickets.

“In addition to getting as many donors as we can, we urged our members to educate donors about the importance of having a healthy diet and at least eight hours of sleep before the donation, and also the potential risk of experiencing discomforts after donating,” RC President Candice Romero said.

According to Blood Drive Chair Kevin Kong, RC will promote the High School Leadership Program this year. According to the American National RC website, students, who do not need to be RC club members, are required to give three blood donations, complete eight hours of RC services and get five blood donors, who need to be either new donors or newly returned after not having donated for at least four calendar years. Those who meet the requirements will be rewarded with a RC red cord, an opportunity to win a scholarship and a recommendation letter from the local RC executive.

“Personally, I aim to leave a foundation for the future blood drives, given the success our club has had in the past,” Kong said. “The significance of having blood drives is that the experience improves the willingness of students to give back [to the society] and I believe it corresponds with the altruistic spirit that AHS wants to promote.”

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