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Postpone the Cell Phone

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Cell phones are an essential in today’s modern society. They relieve the needs that the basic human brain struggle to do. However, one thing that also inevitably happens when someone uses a cell phone is distraction, which is exactly why many schools have a ban on cell phones during class time. While some teachers at Alhambra High School are more lenient on the use of cell phones, in the student handbook, cell phones are banned.

A 3-step procedure is taken place once a student’s phone has been confiscated. The biggest worry is that students have is that the faculty and campus supervisors will breach the privacy of the student’s cell phone however they are legally forbidden to look into a student’s cell phones unless granted permission. “Faculty and campus supervisors are not allowed to look into phones unless granted permission, however, police officers are allowed to breach the privacy of a student’s cell phone,” assistant principal of student services Mr. Alas said.

The school policy ultimately receives criticism by students as some believe they do not cause distractions. “Cell phones are very useful in school as they are essentially little boxes of information that can open up a new world of information for students,” senior Raymond Xie said. Some teachers on campus even let their students use cellphones in class when new information is needed. “I think cell phones are useful for educational purposes for example; research, diagrams, and calculations.” said chemistry teacher Maria Martin.

Cell phones are inventions of the past that the future will improve upon. Cell phones improve many places that need technology like businesses and the government. The placement of cellphones in the classroom is controversial, but cell phones will be a big part of the future.

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