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Websites and mobile applications are just some of the factors that reveal the importance of companies to adapt to our modern world. Sustaining this business will require a constant flow of technologically adept workers, which in turn will require technology- based education for the current generation of students. Schools around the nation are taking notice.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is one district which will focus on expanding computer science programs in the coming years. On Oct. 7, LAUSD announced a new partnership with educational organization Code.org. Together, the two seek to provide access to computer science education for all students in K-12, with special focus on the traditionally underrepresented groups of women and ethnic minorities. This will include incorporating computer science into middle school math and science curriculums, among other plans. LAUSD’s goals mirror that of the College Board’s recent AP Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Access program, which aims to increase the number of minority students involved in AP STEM courses.

“I’m glad that our education system is expanding the computer science field because not only does it ensure students will be more prepared for the future, but it also gives more STEM career opportunities to minorities who tend to get overlooked. Personally, I would love it if AHS offered AP Computer Science,” ASB Webmaster
Kesia Eng said.

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