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Kicking It Off in Wonderland

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Each year, homecoming is celebrated at AHS in the forms of a dance, a football game and this year, a parade. Before the game, the parade will start at Fourth Street and end at Moor field. In addition to the Homecoming game, AHS will also be hosting its annual homecoming dance at the Quad with the theme “Nightmare in Wonderland.”

ASB has been planning homecoming and trying to make it as entertaining as possible for the students. “Many members of ASB have been devoting a lot of their time during lunch and after school to make Homecoming as good as it can be. There are certainly great new things to look forward to this year for Homecoming!” 2015 President Kenny Huynh said.

Additionally, the Homecoming assembly was hosted on Oct. 24 and this time around it was different from previous years.

“The homecoming assembly is different in the sense that we aren’t just asking for performers this time around. ASB has a presentation prepared for [the] …carnival and we are making the Homecoming video. It’s more challenging since we ourselves are planning some content and organizing it, but I think it’ll turn out great!” ASB Vice President Allen Chen said.

Another aspect that ASB has been working on is the homecoming parade. The parade will start at 4 p.m. on Oct. 31 and it will include clubs, the Alhambra Mighty Moor Marching Band, convertible cars for the Homecoming court and special guests: the Alhambra Police and Fire Department.

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