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College Fair Helps Students Become College Aware


Students gather around to see
what colleges might bring to their future.


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On Oct. 16, the seventh Annual District College Fair was held at San Gabriel High School between 6-8 p.m. While the fair was held at SGHS, it was hosted by AHS. The intention of the college fair was to inform high school students about the variety of schools they could attend.

“This fair is a great way for students to gain knowledge about what colleges can offer in general because we don’t have to drive a long distance away from home to get this information, making it much more convenient,” AHS junior Vincent Lee said.

There were over 70 representatives present from two-year and four-year universities and colleges, as well as from vocational schools and the military. This event allowed local high school students and their parents to have the ability to speak to representatives from all over the country face-to-face. The different booths for each representative were located at the Matador Arena, the big gym and the small gym.

“I think this fair is great for students who want to learn more about what they want to do in life right after high school. I aim for a job in the medical field, but that may not be the case for other people. This fair allows [students] to gain more knowledge on what they as individuals want to pursue,” SGHS sophomore Tiffany Dam said.

However, some students found the college fair to only be helpful to a certain extent.

“While [the college fair] was helpful [in deciding] which colleges to go to and [the representatives] explained things about their colleges very well, you have to know what you are going to major in, [in order to benefit from the information]. When you don’t know what you want to do, there’s not much the representatives can tell you,” AHS sophomore Addison Luong said.

In addition to the college booths that the fair had, there were also many showcases held in the small gym. They included the Alhambra High School Green Construction Academy, the Mark Keppel High School International Business Academy, the San Gabriel High School Medicinal Careers Academy and the San Gabriel High School Wood Tech.

“I think the college fair was still very beneficial. As a senior, you should already be looking into colleges and if you know what to ask the representatives, you can get clarification from the actual college staff. This can help us to narrow down the choices of colleges to apply for,” senior Kristi Li said.

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