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California Gets Bucks from Bachelor’s Degrees

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Education is said to be worth every cost, but realistically, economic factors
may still limit one’s options for schooling. California’s SB-850 will ensure for some
students that the benefits of a higher education can be attained with a lower price.

SB-850 was created in response to projected workforce shortages in California’s future. According
to California Legislative Information, California needs to produce 1 million more bachelor’s
degrees to remain economically competitive. In addition, there is a greater demand for workers
with higher education in certain fields. According to the SB-850 Fact Sheet, these degree
programs will provide practical job training for workers, which will help boost local economies.

Students may also benefit personally from SB-850. Those who do not wish to move far away
from home to attend a university could potentially find the same program at a nearby community college.
Also, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings in 2013 of workers over
age 25 with a bachelor’s degree is $1,108, compared to $777 for workers with an associate’s degree.
Overall, SB-850 has the capability to provide more students with higher education and to boost local economies

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