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Boys’ Water Polo Arduously Fights for Good End to Season

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The varsity water polo team is once again winding down into its final games. They currently hold a season record of 4-10 and a league record of 1-2, winning their last game against Bell Gardens with a score of 17-3. The team currently is ranking fourth overall.

Although the team says that they have been improving with every game with better shooting and passing, they agree that they still have some problems that need more attention.

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“Communication has been one of the main problems throughout the season. Once we master speaking among each other throughout the game we will be able to execute plays better and faster,” junior flat Dominic Perez said.

Through every practice, the team continues to work on conditioning and endurance. The Moors explained that in every game, endurance is important because the athletes must be able to stay in the water without getting tired. According to Head Coach Adrian Lopez, with more athletes on the team there will always be fresh substitutes ready to get in the water.

“The team has performed very well this year. I am very proud of [what] we have accomplished this season and hope to encourage more athletes to come and join the team in order to make it a stronger program for next year,” captain Brandon Wong said.

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