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ASB Fall Rally Intends to Augment Spirit

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During the Oct. 3 Fall Rally, Director of Pep, Rebecca Lopez,
presents the fall sports and provides insight on upcoming sport events.


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Decorations and streamers covered the campus on Oct. 3 during the Fall Rally hosted by ASB. The Rally took place at the Quad where the fall sports teams, Cheer, the Mighty Moor Marching Band (MMMB) and the presidents of Boys’ Federation and Girls’ League participated.

“I feel that the pep rally emphasized the importance of each student at [AHS…] It really was all about getting the crowd pumped and cheering for students who represent their school every time [they] play a game,” ASB Director of Pep Rebecca Lopez said.

To start off the rally, the MMMB performed the opening act. After they finished performing, Boys’ Federation and Girls’ League announced the boy and girl of the month, Mark Yue and Carol Chen, respectively. Cheer presented their routines after the announcements were made.

“The biggest change from last year’s Fall Rally, [in my opinion] is the tremendous support of students that were not necessarily there because they [already] had a part in the rally itself. It was really sweet to see that many peers support our extracurricular programs,” ASB member Amy Than said.

Next, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf, cross country, girls’ volleyball, boys’ water polo and football were recognized. The captains each gave a brief speech, gave information on the location of their next game and introduced all of the seniors on their team. The seniors were awarded with golden crowns prepared by ASB to honor them in their last season for their respective sport.

“I think the Fall Rally must have been fun because it helps contribute toward school spirit, brought attention to the sports and gave the people in a sport a chance to feel appreciated,” junior Andrea Hong said.

Lastly, Joe Moor and Cheer led a parade with sports teams following behind them. They marched around the campus in a circle and back to the Quad where both the parade and Fall Rally ended.

“I thought that the Fall Rally was a great way to get students to come out and support the fall sports teams. It let the students know about our sports and how we are currently doing for the season, so it felt great to receive the encouragement of the students who were watching,” girls’ volleyball outside hitter Nadia Gov said.

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