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AIGAT YOUR BACK: ‘Undeclared’ is the New Black

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“What’s your major going to be?” Approximately three months of school have passed and I’m already tired of hearing that question — not because it is annoying, but because I do not have an answer. After telling the inquirer that “I don’t know,” I feel this wave of judgment pass over me. After being at the brunt of this as well as burdening myself with my own judgments for half a semester, I have come to the conclusion that being undecided at this point in my life will not affect my future.

Why is applying to colleges with an undeclared major such a bad thing, anyway? Some seem to equate this crime with laziness or lack of commitment, which may be why my inquirers are so shocked to find that I, a seemingly hard-working student, also fit under that umbrella of indecision. However, checking the “Undeclared” box does not indicate lack of commitment. Maybe it just means that I am not experienced enough to know what I want to pursue for the rest of my life, or that I am open to a number of options. Besides, if those who declare a major are so committed, why do about 80 percent of students change their major at least once before graduation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics?

So, to that one friend who is trying to solve this “problem” by telling me that I should just pursue whatever my parents want me to: being indecisive about my future at 17 is not a crime. Maybe those who are undecided did not experience the epiphany moment that you did nor do they share your dreams. Maybe you will also be indecisive at one point in your life.

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