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Working Behind a Mask

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Despite a trend of increasing support toward the LGBT community in the U.S. and new anti-discriminatory laws, LGBT people may still struggle to find security in a major facet of everyday life: the workplace.

The past few years have seen steady advances in the legal protection of LGBT workers. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act designed to provide the same securities, was passed by the Senate with bipartisan support and awaits approval from the House of Representatives.However, these laws and their promises of justice may not always depict the stark reality for many LGBT workers.

According to a 2013 report by the Williams Institute, 21 percent of LGBT workers and 47 percent of transgender workers reported experiencing discrimination at work. Compared to non-LGBT workers, they are paid less, experience greater levels of psychological problems, and have lower job satisfaction.

Although full equality and acceptance is still unachieved, the new laws create a framework for a better future for LGBT Americans.

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