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The Ugly Truth


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Movies are not so much portrayals of what society is as they are portrayals of what society would like to be. This statement may be true to some viewers, but those who frown upon the choices of topics Hollywood has decided to touch upon over the last decade can argue with that.

According to many movie viewers, Hollywood has left its glory days, when “good teachings” would surface and hit the big screen, and has transitioned to an unwanted mentor on controversial issues. Themes that touch upon sexuality and abortion have become very taboo to the American public and very controversial to movie critics. The continuous portrayal of such topics continues to stir up fury among those who believe their stand in this world is being portrayed unfairly.

Sex, being one of the most controversial topics to convey on the big screen, has brought much concern to parents who believe their children should abstain from watching it. The upcoming movie adaptation of the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” has yet to be released and has already stirred up some anger among the female population who believe their role is being depicted inappropriately. Sparing the explicit details the movie encompasses, “Fifty Shades of Grey” is among the many movies that will touch upon taboo subjects that do not necessarily convey positive morals.

In addition, even though lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) supporters have tirelessly worked to equate their rights among society, Hollywood’s evocation has caused some quarrel. However, do not disregard the disputable debate in whether abortion is acceptable or not; Hollywood has somehow manipulated people’s beliefs in past films.

Subjects like these do not only bring controversy, but confusion to the public. Whether morals are being tested or expressed accurately on the big screen is still debatable, but such movies continue attracting a large number of audience members. Why? There is no correct answer to this, but Hollywood cleverly entices people by offering them an alternate world in which others make difficult decisions. In other words, viewers are given the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the story in front of them.


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