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The Hollywood Sign’s Dimmed Light


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Most people believe in different things: religion, rules, or morals. Many have a sense of righteousness which conforms to what one believes is right. However, Hollywood and the media highly influence what people think is true, rather than what is right. Although some movies have shown signs of high morality, some movies today have little to no meaning at all.

“I think Hollywood creates movies based on what they believe will generate more revenue. It seems like they’ll put anything out there nowadays,” junior Toni Shyy said.

In a few of the movies in Hollywood today, the scripts are written in which makes an average human believe what is right and what is wrong. The topic of abortion has been debated on for a prolonged amount of time. In movies, they would be perceived as wrong and immoral to deprive an expecting human being of their lives. But in reality, many of the teenage moms today would rather choose the option of abortion due to fear or lacking financially, creating an unstable environment for the newborn.

“Hollywood portrays a false reality. In movies, they can set up any type of scenario so they drill false images and implant this ‘alternate reality’ into the minds of all the viewers watching,” junior Shoha Tsuchida said.

While many want to achieve the same feeling that a movie scene might create, oftentimes, it is not in one’s nature to act a certain way. Due to many movies lacking in the “meaningful department,” some people have decided to be influenced by the cinema which caused their morality to decrease as well. Like a protagonist in a movie, hopefully one will learn to overcome the obstacle of illusion.


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