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Take a Chance on Foreign Soil

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Sept. 15 marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month, when we recognize important Hispanic and Latino Americans who contributed to American innovations and the fight for racial equality are recognized. Officialized by President Lyndon B. Johnson and extended by Ronald Reagan, Sept. 15 was chosen to be the official date, coinciding with the anniversary of independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates all important people with a Spanish background. An example of an important Latino leader is Cesar Chavez, one of the first leaders to create the civil rights movement for the Spanish. Before his time, many Latino and Hispanics were discriminated against and racial inequality was a major problem. However, Chavez made it much less prevalent. These movements created by Latino Americans that decided that they were being treated unfairly risked their lives for future Latino and Hispanics to live a better life and to have the common civil rights.

During this time, all members with contribution will be recognized for their brave efforts. However even after Oct. 15, we should always remember the struggles that have been made in the past to ensure a better future.

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