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LAUSD Abolishment of Law Triggers Parental Concern

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Many parents are involved in their children’s education so that their children receive the best opportunities to become successful. This year, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) suspended the parent trigger law, taking away parents’ ability to petition. The parent trigger law gave parents the opportunity to help schools with an Academic Performance Index (API) below 800. Parents were able to petition for several options: converting the school into a charter, replacing old staff, making budget decisions, dismissing the principal or even closing the school and relocating students to other schools; which is unnecessary. The school district had to comply with the petition if at least half of the school’s parents signed it. Parents believe their voice has been unfairly taken away when LAUSD abolished it, but petitions campaigning has done more harm than good.

Although the parent trigger law did help add more staff and activities to LAUSD schools, some requests required funding in order to be fulfilled. An agreement in West Athens School required $300,000 to hire more staff, playground aides and purchase school supplies. In reality, schools are limited by their budget.

Although parents could help make beneficial changes, their ability to initiate a great number of changes may cause more trouble. For example, teachers and parents may have trouble concurring with each other’s ideas.
Now that LAUSD has joined with other California school districts to make their own adjustments, less spending and drama will occur. Parents should start trusting schools, as they cannot hold their child’s hands throughout their whole life.

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