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JV Girls’ Tennis Team Ventures for a Successful Preseason

JV Tennis

JV girls’ tennis players Kerry Diaz (left) and Joycelyn Lam (right)
prepare for a preseason match against the El Monte Lions.


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Having won against the San Marino Titans on Sept. 4 with a 12-6 victory, the JV tennis team is on their way to a successful preseason. Carrying some momentum, the Moors are currently on a four-game winning strech as they prepare together for their first season match on Sept. 30 against the San Gabriel Matadors.

“So far we are on a winning streak [and] our team spirit is strong since we are like a family. We need to just have positive attitudes and continue cheering everyone up,” captain Gina Huang said.

According to Huang, though the team is composed of nine members who are new to the JV team and only four returning members, the team has become united. However, Huang and freshman singles player Linh Troung also note that communication during matches must improve, especially between doubles teams.

Having identified a weakness, the team continues to practice daily in order to improve their fundamentals. Each practice varies but usually consists of warm ups, stretches, running and rallying. Besides practice, players such as senior doubles player Michelle Yan notes that a key influence this year has been the arrival of the new JV coach, Linh Hoac.

“Coach Hoac definitely brings a new light to the [team]. She has already done so much for us and knows our strengths and weaknesses. It’s important for us to win against the teams that match our level. But what’s even more important, that Coach Hoac constantly stresses, is why we play. We get out into the courts and just have fun,” Yan said.

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