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Band Spotlights

What are some changes in band this year?

Elizabeth Juarez: The biggest change for the band this year is we changed our marching style to a bent leg technique, which has been particularly difficult for the older members who have only done the old [method], which is a straight leg technique, their entire high school career. We also have a lot more color guard than we’ve had in recent years, which I think is amazing.

Do you plan for any changes to band this year?

Elton Moc: I’m hoping to keep most of the traditions we already have currently in band, but I am looking to help improve our musicality and making this year exciting for not only for the band, but also for the school, the football team and our supporting audience at the football games, and for the people who come to the competitions we will attend.

How is practice for homecoming coming along?

Elton: I can’t spoil much about our plans for Homecoming, but I can tell you that we’re putting in a lot of work for this year’s “spooky” surprise!

How does it feel to be drum major this year?

Elton: Being the drum major this year is a huge honor. Assisting Mr. Trulson [and] directing the band [are experiences] I won’t forget this year, and it feels great to finally be able to show the band what I can do for them, since they have done so much for me.

How does it feel to be the assistant drum major this year?

Elizabeth: Being assistant drum major is definitely a lot of responsibility however I feel that I am gaining a lot of leadership skills and I am enjoying the experience.

How has being in band affected your life?

Elizabeth: Band has made me realize that I’m able to do more than I had ever believed myself to be capable of before. I can go to ten-hour practices in the hot sun; I can get up at 5:30 a.m. for a competition and still survive. Band has also given me a great group of friends I never would have found if I hadn’t joined. Band is an amazing group of people and I love them like a second family.

How do you think this year will go for band?

Elton: This year, I feel like band will be more efficient and exciting. From new techniques to more opportunities to perform, I feel like we will be able to accomplish a lot due to our passion to work our hardest, and our many opportunities to show everyone what we’re capable of. Overall, I am to work as hard as possible to make this year for the Mighty Moors Marching Band as great as possible. I am proud and honored to represent them as this year’s Drum Major, and we will make this year as exciting as possible for all the events we will perform at.

Elizabeth: Competition wise, I’m honestly not sure where we are going to stand; we are entering a new competition circuit this year, moving from Western Band Association to Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association, that most of us [have] never been in before, but hopefully we’ll do well. If we continue to work hard and keep our spirits up, then we should be successful.

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