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Don’t Tip the Balance

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As high school students, there are many things we have to balance: school work, family, friends, extracurricular activities. Sometimes having to worry about all of these results in an imbalance of activities, yet not one of these factors can be eliminated if we wish to have a bright future and be happy at the same time. There are, however, many ways to relieve this problem so that all aspects of high school life will be balanced.

Managing one’s workload requires one to be on top of their homework by recording or keeping track of what is due. A schedule helps some, as it gives a time frame for each assignment to be completed within a reasonable amount of time, as well as ensuring one has time for other activities, such as sports and clubs.

As for balancing school and social life, one can always ensure that their classes do not stress them out too much, as well as keeping on top of assignments. Though having a social life is enjoyable, prioritizing that above schoolwork often results in lower grades. Therefore, one needs to analyze how much time is needed to be allotted for homework and for their free time in order to find a balance between the two. Creating better study habits, such as working in an area away from distractions, also allows for a student to get homework done efficiently and on time.

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